Saturday, September 22, 2012

Too Little Too Late

Hi guys.

This is probably too little and too late, but I'm doing some fantasy again. thought I'd take a shot at the youtube video community.

I got the metal models from a good mate from England and the plastic warriors from a Friend in Tartu.
The Thane and the Warriors were sprayed white, but since then I bought a Grey primer, will try it out on the Thunderers.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Shy upDate.

So, once again I'm back in town to give you an update. To be honest, this weekend hasn't been a success. So, let's start with the rules- I've been reading SAGA and boy do I love the rules. They are fast to learn. Army lists are easy to form. But Wont give you the full review before OS. And I'm so far as to post the review in the coming week.

So what have I painted up. I'm working on my SAGA vikings, but they are in their first rough stages. So, have to show you something from the napoleonic era.
So, a command stand. On the right you can see Prince Sebastian in his royal colors of the Neuereich state. In the front there are two generals(the left one an regular infantry general, with his dark grey uniform and light blue line infantry distinctive colors.) On the right is the general of artillery, with a nice ice blue uniform. And in the back you can see to standards, left one being the infantry colors and the right one the so called Royal Guard colors.
As it is 1:72 scale I haven't paid too much time on the details, witch is fine, cause I'm after numbers. And the numbers are here:
So, me and my brother had all those miniature when we were a bit younger, would say a decade ago. And we played pretty much stupid nonsense with those things. But now as I found them I'm pretty psyched to get into a black powder era game. And, as I've got miniatures from different countries and relatively loose timeline I was possessed by this thing called imagination. So I've had an idea for a story in that era for a long time and though to incorporate that into my hobby. So, the beginnings of my own rules set in the Napoleonic Era are here.
Calling it simply : Colonial Wars of Utopia (1797-1823).

I've posted a small intro on the local friendly forum and you can read it here: Click Me

Any comments or suggestions welcome.
So, keep up your hobby spirits and I'll see you next week with hopefully a lot of stuff painted.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

General Update.

So, a popular miniature wargaming forum, the TWF (the warhammer forum)(soon to be the "wargamer forum") has a nice mini exchange thingy. I took part in it last year and you can see the results from one of the earlier posts here. This year I managed to take part, and painted up a crazy chaos cultist for my recipient. And yesterday I got a package from denmark, from Jimmi ! He took time to paint up this lovely Abbaddon for me. Just check out the details, a small pool on the base with a ravaged body of loyalist dog. Thanks mate, this one made me want to paint some power armor..

But do not fear, I'm keeping close to the Operation Squad theme. So, finished the Afrika Korps squad and as a bonus for myself, I'm gonna play a game of OS today! So, I painted one of the mp40 guys into a medic. Following the example of some historical pictures, the red cross sign is on his helmet, in the front. Sounds like a nice target for the Sikhi riflemen!
There are also four riflemen with some nice glasses. As you can see, I've been fairly shy with adding squad markings or any insignia for that matter. I'm planning on adding them once I've read up on my history of uniforms.
Ok, I'll be honest. I made an experiment with the markings. The Sergeant to lead the squad with his binoculars. A good combo with a mortar team!
So, as the squads are painted up, I need to start worrying about the terrain. My first project will be a generic N African house. I want to keep it simple and small. I will be adding some props inside, a shelf, a table and maybe a field radio piece for the germans. We'll see. But for now, I give you the work in progress style picture.

And last week I took some time to cut out the tokens for OS. Not as thick as I would like them to be, but I see them surviving a few years of gaming. Once I've got the table finished, I'll probably work out a way for a bit more durable tokens.

I got the SAGA rulebook, and I'm allready drooling all over it. Cause it's brilliant. Cause it's nice. Not cause I'm weird...or anything like that.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Painting Sikh'ness.

So, read the rulebook and I was instantly drawn to the simplicity and the dynamical feel to the system. So, after getting to know the rules during the week I was really inspired to paint up my Sikh riflemen. And here is the result:

Quite happy with the lot, but they kinda look alike. Though I did detail out the leaders and the medic.
They are kinda sloppy, but I was so eager to get them painted so I could get a game this weekend, but I wasn't that lucky. But I did get that far with the remaining Germans missing from the squad.
Only details are left, so they'll be ready next Sunday for a game at the local gaming place.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned in the previous post, I've poked my nose into the SAGA system. Here are the Anglo-Danish I've painted up.
These are a blast to paint and you'll see more from that came from soon enough.

As for the blog post, I must admit, that I gave painting the attention and left writing this for the last minute this weekend. But as a idea I will try to write the next post during the week, so when I'm home in the weekend I could focus more on the painting and still put up a decent post. But for now..


Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Seeds of Hobby.

Though I have been "busy" with a real-life sidescroller I've managed to put my head around some hobby stuff every now and again. As I've been drifting away from the business mammoth, GW, I have been searching for an alternative. I've found that Malifaux, Warmachine are brilliant and totally worth every penny and minute put into them but still a curiosity for some historical gaming has been ever present. So, the wwII miniatures in the last few posts (posted eons ago) have found themselves a bunch of friends and a rules set.

I was torn between Rate of Fire and Operation Squad - World War II, but finally chose the latter for the sheer fact, that you play it with up to 9 models, while the first one you need a whole platoon. So, ordered it from Maelstrom and along with it some extra models for the North African theater(in my case, German Africa Korps and British Indian Sikhi'). Though I'm certain that once my collection grows, I will also get the Rate of Fire book and venture towards larger engagements. But for now, I'll stick with the small skirmish level action.

Haven't had the time to read it, but will get to it in the coming week. Next weekend I'll give you my first impression on the rules. The book itself is soft covered, with 46 pages and two token sheets. Full color and some nice historical photos and ofcorse some miniature goodness.
Should note that it's the second edition and is written by Massimo Torriani and Valentino del Castello.

I'm pretty sure I wont get a game next weekend, cause I've taken it to be a rule, that: "no paint, no game!". So hope to paint my units up next weekend and the week after that could allready mean a test game or two.

So, on to the minis.
First of all, the Africa Korps. I've got a mortar team, an hmg team and a bunch of troopers. Unfortunately, no officers or sergeants. So, gotta order them before the first game.
I'm using GW bases and Vallejo paints, if you were wondering. Come to think about it, I have enough to make two teams.

And then I've got the British Indian Sikhis'. Not too many, but all of the different minis Artizan has to offer for the Sikhis. Command, two Bren teams and a bunch of riflemen. Enough to make a nice varied team.

I all ready have plans for some terrain and gaming board, but that'll be a job for the future. I'm also allready peeping at some Italians and British commando models, to create extra teams in the future. All following the norther Africa theme, ofcorse.

But that's not all I've been up to. I've got a copy of SAGA, from Gripping Beast in the post and I can't wait to get my hands on that. Allready have a small warband of Anglo-Danish semi-painted and a Viking warband in the mail. So, look out for future posts about SAGA.

And as a closing note, I give you some eyecandy:


Sunday, May 29, 2011

WW II. Historical 28mm. miniatures.

These are from Artizan.
Got a blister of afrika korps pg-s and a afrika korps mortar team. Following up an exact same blister of pg-s. Swapping the heads as a quick conversion. Also a blister of Indian Sikhi riflemen. All very nice models, except some of the mortar crew elements. Still, a brilliant range.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Black Templar Bikers.


So, the squad has been built. Lots of bits recycling, so it might look a bit weird, but after the paint, it'll be nice. So, the regular bikes need no in-depth introduction.
But this does not apply to the attack bike. A horse really doesn't fit a side cart, and chariot would've been a bit too big for the base. So made it look a bit more bulkier. Had some multi-melta pieces lying around, used their backpacks as energy containers on the horse and attached the gun itself to the side of the horse. On the other side there is a twin-linked bolter.

All in all, they look pretty nice, after some paint it'll look even better. But, as this is sort of a commission build, I will not be painting these models.

Until next time.